Technicolor Traveler
Technicolor Traveler

Hi!  My name is Mia and I love to travel!

This blog is here to document my travels and hopefully, it can help out some of you as well!

It all started my freshman year of college when I was shipped abroad to Dublin, Ireland.  Imagine an 18 year old with their first taste of freedom and all of Europe to explore!  My bank account suffered that semester, but my love of traveling emerged.  

As a college student, I am happy to do some budget traveling.  My university has been a huge travel enabler.  From studying abroad, to co-ops, to summer trips with my friends, there is always an opportunity to see new things.

I'm a brunch lover, coffee addict, and occasional fitness enthusiast. 

So come along on my adventures as I roam this planet :) Also feel free to follow me on social media!  Links below.