5 Things to Do in Old Town Quebec City

5 Things to Do in Old Town Quebec City

I'll admit that I have a weird obsession with French Canada.  It has a cool European vibe without being too foreign (coming from an American).  Each time I go, I'm impressed with the culture, the scenery, and the general cool-ness of it all!  

What to do in Old Town Quebec:

1. Wander aimlessly

I'm an advocate for wandering around cities with no planned itinerary.  If you have the time, just roam.  Go up and down the little streets and cobblestone paths.  Watch a street performer. Appreciate the architecture and art.  In the end, you'll be glad you did!

2. Visit the Chateau Frontenac

The Chateau Frontenac is one of Old Town Quebec's main attractions!  A historically old hotel placed on top of a hill, it overlooks the Saint Lawrence River.  It's astonishingly large and pretty. If you care to pay, you can take the Funicular from Lower Town up to the Frontenac.  There is also a boardwalk section behind the Frontenac where you can take a lovely stroll and look out onto the water.  

3. Check out the Citadelle

The Citadelle is an old relic from years and years ago.  You can go into the Citadelle (you will need to purchase a ticket) and look around.  If you don't care enough to pay, you can still see some remaining walls and fortresses around the city.  You can even walk along parts of it.  There are great views of Quebec from the Citadelle and fortress!

4. Walk around the Old Port

Unfortunately, I didn't seem to take any good photos of the port! (AHHH!!! My bad)
The port is beautiful.  There are outdoor restaurants dotting the water, boats docking, and even a fun market!  Definitely be sure to take a stroll along the water!  If you take a ghost tour of Quebec City, then you can hear some intriguing stories about Old Port's past.  Some of them are a bit spooky.


Food is important to me, and thank goodness that Old Quebec has so many dining options! There is something for everyone's tastebuds.  I recommend getting a meal at Buffet De L'Antiquaire for a traditional meal.  It's also well-priced, for those who are watching that budget!  The crepes there are absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for reading!  Have a fantastic time in Quebec if you go!  I'm a huge fan of the city.  Here are some parting pictures!

xx Mia