5 Things you Must do In Koh Phi Phi

5 Things you Must do In Koh Phi Phi

If you like beaches, parties, and crystal blue water, then this is paradise.

Imagine an island full of twenty year olds who all want a weekend away to party in an exotic location.  That's Koh Phi Phi. 

So, after spending 3 days in Koh Phi Phi, I've created a list of must-do things on the island

1. Climb up to the View Point

For the best views of the island, head up to the View Point.  After climbing far too many stairs, you are greeted by a lady who demands that you pay 30 Baht to look out onto the island.  While this may be the lamest tourist trap, it is only about 85 cents, and definitely worth it.  The view is absolutely outstanding.  No picture will do it justice.  When you're done snapping all the selfies, head up to View Point 2.  It has an even more spectacular view and it's only a 5 minute hike away!

2. Visit Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach, as its name implies, is full of monkeys!  Rent a kayak on the beach for only 100 Baht an hour and paddle over to Monkey Beach.  There's tons of monkeys just chilling on the shore.  I highly recommend taking a selfie with a monkey, but don't bother the monkeys!  They can potentially get aggressive.  Also be aware of your belongings.  I went into the water for 30 seconds and in that time, a monkey had climbed onto the kayak, opened my bag, rummaged through, and grabbed my sunglasses!  Thankfully a man on the beach shooed away the monkey and saved my sunglasses!

3.  Stroll around the shops

Around the island, there are dozens upon dozens of vendors selling touristy items.  Stroll around and do a bit of shopping.  You can haggle with the vendors to try and get the best deal possible.  There are also tons of tattoo parlors and massage salons.  I'm not sure if I'd get a tattoo on Phi Phi, but I met a few people who had, and their tattoos didn't look too bad!

4.  Take a Boat Tour

The main section of Koh Phi Phi is not all that the area has to offer.  You'll need to take a boat cruise around the water in order to experience all that Phi Phi has to offer.  My friends and I took a 7 hour long cruise with Happy Boat tours.  Whitney, Brittany, and the rest of the crew were wonderful.  Be sure to bring some booze along with you if you want to have a few drinks on the boat.  ***Warning: If you get seasick, make sure to take seasickness pills prior to getting on the boat.  Otherwise, you'll spend 3 hours throwing up into the ocean like I did.  That being said, I still had a great day on the boat and probably would do it again.

5. Party on the Beach

Let's be real here, it would be a shame not to attend one of Koh Phi Phi's beach parties.  Grab a bucket of liquor (you literally buy a bucket full of alcohol for 150 Baht) and head to the beach.  The bars and hostels located on the shore have fire shows, beer pong, and dancing.  With no shortage of alcohol, or intoxicated young partiers, you're sure to enjoy a night out.  That being said, keep careful watch of your belongings as I lost a few valuables during my stay on Phi Phi.  Also, with the loss of my iPhone, I have no pictures of the beach parties, but I'm sure you get the idea.  

Some final parting words about Koh Phi Phi

My time in Koh Phi Phi was fantastic.  If you want a boozy weekend away, this is the spot to do it.  But, you really do not need more than 2 days on the island.  You could even get away with one day, if you really jam everything in.  Also, be wary of your surroundings and don't lose things like I did.  It's an absolute pain to get everything replaced and sorted out.  The hostels are not the nicest places in the world.  My bed was basically a rock and there was sand everywhere.  I'd splurge a tiny bit next time and upgrade to either a private room, or a cheaper hotel.  Wear sunscreen.  And finally, if you get motion sick, take precautions.  Like actually.  

Thanks for reading!  xx Mia