How to Spend 4 Days in Hong Kong

How to Spend 4 Days in Hong Kong

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I fell in love with Hong Kong.  It certainly won’t be my last visit to the city – there is far too much to do and see and explore.    Thankfully, when I went, my friend who lives there was able to show me around.  This is how I spent my time in Hong Kong, and would recommend a similar itinerary if you are planning to go.  Obviously, do as you wish, but I had a great time so I thought I’d share. 


Day 1

First days can be rough, especially after a long flight.  Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a bus or the MTR (subway) to your hotel or hostel.  I’d recommend the bus as it’s cheaper and can get you closer to your end destination.  I stayed at the Yesinn Hostel at Causeway Bay and I loved it.  It’s located across from the MTR and the bus stops directly in front of it.  After checking in, I did a bit of exploring around.  The area around Causeway Bay turns into a Time Sqaure-esque area at night.  There are lights and signs illuminating the streets.  Everyone is bustling and enjoying the cooler temperatures.  You can go shopping, eat food, or just chill.  Make sure to try some of Hong Kong’s local cuisine.  There is no shortage of restaurants so you can fill your stomach with whatever your heart desires.

I happened to be in Hong Kong during the Mid-Autumn festival.  During this time it’s common to go out for a traditional Chinese dinner, eat moon cakes, and check out the lanterns on display.  There are also many shows and performances to watch.


Day 2

Start the day with some food.  As a foodie, I took every chance I got to eat.  I met up with some friends and we found a cute brunch café near the Ladies Market in Kowloon. 

After devouring my coffee and avocado toast, we went shopping at the Ladies Market.  Be aware that the Ladies Market is primarily a night market so they don’t open too early.  We did serious damage to our wallets at the market.  It’s full of electronic accessories, handbags, clothing, toys, and more.  Make sure to haggle the price down.  Never pay full price for anything there!

After shopping, we visited a temple.  I can’t recall the name of it, but it was interesting.  As someone who admittedly does not know a lot about Buddhism, seeing people practice the religion is interesting.  Temples are also serene, which is a nice contrast from the hectic city.

More walking and exploring the city ensued.  Make sure to take the star ferry when you're on Hong Kong.  It runs between Kowloon and HK Island.  It's a short ride, but you get to see the skyline.

 For dinner, we decided to have a meal in a locally owned restaurant.  Restaurant owners are extremely nice, especially when they see that you’re a foreigner.  My favorite thing we ate were these happy custard buns.  So cute!

Then, it was off to Victoria Peak!  You can take the trolley up the mountain for some incredible views of the city.  There’s a debate over what time to go, day or night, but as long as it is a clear day, you’ll be able to enjoy the view.

After Victoria Peak was time to check out the nightlife.  LKF is the clubbing district in Hong Kong.  Give it a look if that interests you.  If not, there are so many other bars to try!

Day 3

Macau bound!  We left in the morning to catch a ferry over to Macau.  I did a whole post about it, which you can read here

Day 4

This was my last day in Hong Kong, so we tried to make the most of it.  The last tourist activity on my list was to see Big Buddha.  It’s a bit out of the city, but it’s worth the trek.  You can take the MTR to the bus station.  From the station, you can either take a bus up into the mountains, or you can take a cable car.  We opted for the bus.  The ride only takes about half an hour and you are dropped right at the entrance.  (Note: if you are like me a had to carry your luggage with you, the tourist center at the Big Buddha can hold onto it for the day for only about $10.)  There is a small shopping area where you can buy souvenirs.  Directly next to it is the Monastery and the Buddha.  You have to pay to go up to see the Buddha, but it’s worth it.  While you’re at it, purchase a meal coupon for lunch at the Monastery.  Because it’s a religious site, be aware of the customs that go along with it – don’t eat meat and finish all the food you are give. 

Also located at the Big Buddha is the Wisdom Trail.  There are these giant wooden pillars that are inscribed with some wise words.

Not far from Big Buddha is the Tai O Fishing Village.  You can take the bus from the Big Buddha over to the village.  The village is known for their large fish balls and egg waffles!  The village is worth exploring – it’s nothing like anything else I’ve seen before.  We also took a boat ride to search for the pink dolphins that live in the area.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any.


After four days of exploring Hong Kong, it was time to go home.  There are so many things to do and see, I could have easily stayed there for a week or more!  I guess I’ll have to come back.  And, shout out to my friend Claire for showing me around!

This is Claire. 

This is Claire. 

I’ve made a list of the top things to do/see in Hong Kong (in no particular order). 

1.     Ladies Market
2.     Big Buddha
3.     Tai O Fishing Village
4.     Causeway Bay Shopping
5.     YKF
6.     Star Ferry
7.     Victoria Peak

Thanks for reading!