One word: CHOCOLATE!

My time in Brussels was limited.  It was only a stopover between flights.  Our goal in our 5 hour trip was to consume all the chocolate we possibly could.  

In the few hours I was in the city, I had two or three waffles, four pieces of chocolate, and a cup of hot chocolate.  Let me just say: Best waffles ever.  

My personal favorite were whipped cream and strawberry waffles.  The hot chocolate was unforgettable as well.  It was basically a teapot of melted chocolate that you mixed with cream.  So good, but so filling!  T

The city itself is beautiful, especially around the city center.  The architecture is old and intricate, which you don't see a lot of in the United States.  I have developed an appreciation for it. 

The famous Manneken Pis is also located in Brussels.  It was funny to see so many people crowded around a peeing baby fountain!  Even funnier were the Manneken Pis souvenirs found in the shops.  

Though our time in Brussels was short, I think we were able to experience the essence of the city.  I would love to return someday and maybe hit a few different locations in Belgium!

xx Mia