Quick Guide to Howth, Ireland

Quick Guide to Howth, Ireland

The little seaside town of Howth, Ireland is a quick escape from Dublin.  If you're in the city and are craving a bit of salty air, then hop on a train and head to Howth.

There's an abundance of small stores to poke into and you can browse the market in the town center.  There's a ton of food, so you won't go hungry!

The real attraction is the Cliff Path Loop.  When you exit the train, head up Harbour road until you reach Balscadden Road where the path begins.  You can take the Path all the way around the Peninsula, or take a shorter route if you'd like.  The Cliff Path Loop has some of the best views so make sure to bring your camera!  On clear sunny days, you can even see England!

Okay so we might have lost the group when we were exploring the cliffs.  However, we did have a fun adventure trying to find our way back to the harbor.  The houses in Howth are adorable.  I can only dream of living there. 

By the time we made our way back down, it was definitely time for food and some chilling out by the water.  The cliff walk is a workout!  Make sure to wear your sneakers.

I definitely could have spent a whole day exploring Howth.  If you find yourself in Dublin, pop by and check it out!

xx Mia