Mount Popa

Just outside of Bagan, Myanmar lies Mount Popa.  Easily recognizable by it's sheer size and the temple that sits at its peak.

Our trip to Mount Popa started at our hostel (Ostello Bello) when a group of us climbed into a little van and departed the town.  Our first stop was at a small temple with a lookout.  Standing on the edge of the lookout gave a view of Mount Popa.  

Before heading back onto the road, we were treated to a traditional Burmese full moon meal.  It's a traditional soup that the locals eat on full moon days.  Though many of the local Burmese people have very little resources, they are always incredibly welcoming and offer what they can to their visitors.  We all ate 2-3 portions of soup because they wouldn't stop refilling our bowls! The soup was wonderful and the people were far too generous to us :)

We continued on to the Mountain.  The base of the mountain has a market and there are people everywhere trying to sell you everything and anything.  As you climb up the temple, the vendors decrease, but you will be asked for donations the whole way up.

In Myanmar, the monkeys are sacred.  Don't try to touch them because they will try to steal something or charge at you.  Just take a pretty picture and leave them be.

After about a million steps (not really), you reach the top of the Mountain.  This is the ideal photo opportunity.  Miles and miles of untouched land make a great backdrop for a quick photoshoot.

Don't be surprised if you get stopped during your visit to Mount Popa.  A lot of the locals will be intrigued by foreigners.  They may even ask for a quick selfie!

On our way back to Bagan, we stopped at a local market where they make coconut sugar and alcohol.  They also treated us to a traditional guest snack, which included pickled tea leaves (a Burmese favorite), ginger, garlic, chili, and other flavorful niblings!

As a friend once told me "Mount Popa is magical".  It's truly a unique experience that you should enjoy if you're given the o