Visits to Prague

Honestly, Prague is an exquisite city.  Located in the heart of the Czech Republic, it is ornate, and beautiful, and fascinating.


We stayed at a Sheraton hotel right in Charles Square.  From what I can recall, it was very decently priced.  Some of my other friends who visited Prague stayed in a Best Western.  That hotel was also very nice and very affordable.

(Just a quick side note: An interesting difference between European accommodations and American ones are the sleeping arrangements.  In Europe, it is not uncommon to be able to book a room with three single beds, whereas in the United States, you are typically limited to two doubles or a king.  Because I was traveling with two other people, we took advantage of this European quirk.)

The way Prague is structured, there are two main sections of the city.  We were staying on the newer side.  It has more commercial shopping and touristy restaurants.  On the other side of the Charles Bridge was the older side.  It almost feels richer in history - antique, if you will.  The roads go up these giant hills and the buildings are colorful.  It makes for a great photo-op, especially from the top of the hill!

Between the two sides of the city lies the Charles Bridge.  It is lined with vendors and ancient statues.  Take a stroll over it and take some time to appreciate the views.

At the top of the hill is the Prague Castle.  The Castle is grandiose... definitely worth checking out. We even saw some sort of changing of the guards ceremony.  Though I'm not exactly sure what it was, it was cool.  There is also the St. Victus Cathedral up the there. 

Food is very important to me, and Prague has some of the best street food.  When in Prague, make sure to find Trdelniks.  They're a Czech street food.  It's dough that's wrapped around a metal bar and covered in toffee, sugar, and cinnamon.  It's cooked over a flame until it becomes golden brown.  If you are ever in Prague, you need to try them.  They are absolutely amazing, and very cheap.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Hot wine is another popular street food commodity.  Though it may be seasonal, there's nothing quite like a glass of hot wine to warm your soul.  Definitely find your way to Prague's street food market.  It is all cheap and it is all delicious!

If you are looking for a more alternative activity to the traditional tourist sights, check out the Sex Machine Museum.  It is exactly what is sounds like, and we got a student discount!  It was a novel in itself.  From various medieval machines used for sex to modern day contraptions that would belong in Christian Grey's sex room, this museum has it all.

Another must-see is the Astronomical Clock.  It is located in the center square.  You can go into the clock tower and see a nice view of the square.  At certain hours, a small "puppet show" plays from the clock.  

Whatever you do in Prague, you will have a good time doing so.  It's so beautifully breath-taking. Transport around the city is easy and convenient, might I add.  So, go experience the city yourself!  It's a wonderful place.

xx Mia