Through the Lens: Ubud, Bali

Through the Lens: Ubud, Bali

Ubud is one of the Northern cities in Bali.  Known for amazing nature and being more “rural”, Ubud has become a popular destination for tourists.  You can get to Ubud via Taxi. 

One of the must-see things is the Sacred Monkey forest.  It’s located directly in the city and is extremely accessible.  Be careful when you go, because monkeys are known to steal belongings.  Or, if you are like me, they might jump on you without warning.  It’s a great place to get some photos with our furry ancestors.

The Ridge Walk is a fun exercise-activity to do.  The walk stretches for 6 km on the top of a hill, giving you beautiful views of the surroundings.  At the top are tons of rice fields, and a few restaurants, in case you need something to replenish your energy.  It can get hot up there, so make sure to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen. 

The Tangllan Rice Terrace is the highlight of Ubud.  You can take photos on the rolling fields as vendors try to sell you post cards and other souvenirs.  When I went, we had lunch at a restaurant called Bonu Bali on the Terrace.  It was pricey by Indonesian standards, $8 USD but completely worth the view.  You can walk along the rice terrace, but it is pretty steep and can get muddy!  You will also get bombarded by locals trying to sell you things - they're extremely persistent too. 


The Luwak Coffee Plantation is not far from the Ubud.  You can go on a free tour of the plantation where they explain how Luwak coffee is made.  Basically, the Luwak eats the coffee bean, and once they excrete it, the beans are collected, cleaned, dried, roasted, and turned into coffee.  The result is an instant coffee-like product that’s far tastier than regular Bali coffee.  For about$3.50 USD, you can enjoy a coffee tasting while overlooking the rice terrace.

The Elephant Cave in Ubud was another stop on our trip.  It's a cool place to wander around.  The shop owners in the parking lot will try to sell you a sarong, but don't give in! You will get a free one to borrow at the temple entrance.  The temple itself is interesting, but it was not my favorite place in Ubud.

The last stop in Ubud, Bali was the Tegenungan Waterfall!  After a day of walking and sweating, we were eager to jump into the water!  You need to pay to get in, but floating around in the water was worth it.  There are stairs leading to the falls, and it may be fine going down, but going back up the stairs is rough!

Ubud is a wonderful.  Go visit sometime.