Best Places to Visit in Honolulu

Best Places to Visit in Honolulu

Hawaii is an American paradise.  It's a place to forget your worries, get a bit of a sunburn, and simply enjoy life.

I am fortunate enough to have a friend who happens to reside in Honolulu, Hawaii.  So given this unique opportunity, a friend and I decided to give her a visit.  (Shoutout to Alex!!!!)  After spending a week on this beautiful island, I've listed out some of my favorite things that we did on our trip.  In no particular order, here are some of the best places to visit in Honolulu:

1. Cockroach Cove
One of the first places we visited once we arrived to Honolulu was Cockroach Cove.  Located next to Halona Blowhole, it’s a scenic beach tucked away in a rocky shore.  The beach boasts the most beautiful blue water.  Honestly, it looks like Gatorade.

2.  Lanikai Pill Box Trail
This hiking trail is popular for a reason.  The hike up takes 20-30 minutes.  And while it’s quite steep, it’s a generally easy hike.  At the summit are old WWII bunkers.  They’re a perfect place to perch and watch the sunrise.  This was one of my favorite experiences while on the island.  Waking up at 4 am and doing this hike is definitely worth the exhaustion later in the day.

3.  Waikiki Beach
This one is super obvious, but Waikiki Beach is stunning.  It’s perfect for strolling around, grabbing some coffee, or catching a gnarly wave.  Sure, it may be packed with herds of tourists, but if you are in no hurry, stop and stay a while.  It’s also excellent for getting any touristy shopping done!

4.  Waimea Bay
Waimea Bay in the North Shore can be a bit of a drive to get to, but the views are incredible.  From city center, the road takes you through the mountains, up into the clouds, and deposits you in paradise.  At Waimea Bay is Waimea Rock. For those not afraid of heights, take a jump off the rock and plunge into the water.  Just don’t be a chicken!

5.  Arvo Toast (Café)
This adorable café is the bomb.  I am such a sucker for cute décor and trendy food.  Arvo specializes in avocado toast, which is my absolute favorite.  One half of the café sells custom houseplants and succulents, and the other is dedicated to all things avotoast.  I got the loaded avocado toast with an iced matcha latte, but everything on the menu looked dazzling.

6.  Dole Plantation
You know Dole, the fruit company? The one that sells pineapples?  Yeah.  Their plantation is located right on Honolulu!  You can go take a tour, and learn about growing Pineapples.  I never really gave pineapple fields a second thought until I came to Hawaii.  They just appear at the supermarket!  I also highly recommend getting some Dole Whip while checking out the Plantation!

7.   Pearl Harbor
This living memorial to those who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor bombings is located right off the coast of Honolulu.  Visit the Arizona Memorial, which is the site where the USS Arizona eternally lies.  It’s an intense and somber experience, but it is also rewarding o

8. Snorkle in Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is home to a coral reef and many fish.  You can rent some snorkeling gear for only $20 and spend an afternoon swimming with the fishies.  When we went, there were rainbow colored fish, schools of fish, big fish, small fish, red fish, blue fish..... you get the idea.  Hanauma Bay does get crowded, so you may want to go during off peak hours - especially lunch.

Visiting Hawaii has been on my list for a while, and even though I was building it up in my head, Honolulu far exceeded my expectations.  Just a few things to take note:

  1. Wear sunscreen.  I didn't a definitely paid a hefty consequence.
  2. Try a poke bowl!  They're heavenly.
  3. Give yourself time to lounge around.  Hawaii is a pretty slow-paced place.  Enjoy your stay.

Here are some parting pictures.  Thanks for reading! xx Mia